Water repellent coating

Bronya Water Repellent

Basic product, applied like paint – acts as a thermal barrier!

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Water repellent coating

During the construction and operation of buildings and structures, the waterproofing of structures plays an important role, Bronya Water Repellent almost completely eliminates such a phenomenon as capillary suction, significantly reduces water absorption, with direct wetting of the surface, at the same time it does not reduce the vapor permeability of the surface. A very thin polymer film forms on the surface of the material, which, when exposed to moisture, closes the pores of the material and prevents moisture from penetrating inside. Hydrophobization also prevents the appearance of efflorescence on the masonry, increases the durability of the surface, practically excludes its damage by fungus and mold, while maintaining its strength.

Now on the market of waterproofing materials there are many water repellents for bricks, concrete and other building materials. But, as you know, they all have a high heat capacity, which in turn dramatically worsens the thermophysical properties of liquid thermal insulation (this is due to the basic principle of operation of liquid thermal insulators, namely low heat transfer to the air). 
Bronya waterproofing agent absolutely does not alter the thermal physics of ultra-thin thermal insulation! (including competing materials). It is able, unlike analogues, to improve the thermophysical properties of liquid thermal insulation, as well as to dramatically increase the service life of the coating and provide protection from aggressive media.

Download the Bronya Water Repellent manual

Let’s do a simple experiment: 
Install a plate with Bronya super thin heat insulator on the slab and bring the temperature on the untreated surface to 100°C. 
There are 3 coating samples on the plate: 

  1. Competing hardware
  2. Bronya Facade
  3. Bronya Facade + Bronya Waterproof

Let’s check the surface temperature:

Conclusions: The use of Bronya water repellent allows not only to waterproof enclosing structures, but also to increase the thermal insulation properties of Bronya ultra-thin thermal insulation, as well as reduce heat transfer from the surface. Purpose of the water repellent agent: Volumetric and surface protection against the effects of water and humidity. Serves for the treatment of internal and external surfaces of brick, concrete, foam and aerated concrete, wooden structures containing cement of buildings and structures (baseboards, balconies, canopies, ebbs, slopes, etc.), as well as slate and roof tiles in the temperature range from -60 to + 150 °C.

Water-repellent properties:

  • does not change the appearance of the material, its vapor and air permeability;
  • gives the material water-repellent properties;
  • increases frost resistance;
  • prevents pollution and the appearance of fungal formations and efflorescence;
  • properties last up to 10 years;

Hydrophobizing composition: Composition
aqueous based on organosilicon copolymers.

Application as water repellent:
Clean the surface to be treated from dust and dirt, grease and oil stains, remove delamination. Apply Bronya Primer Hydrophobizator with a brush, roller, spray at a temperature not lower than + 5 ° C until the material is completely saturated. The hydrophobic effect occurs after 24 hours. Before the onset of the hydrophobic effect, do not allow water to penetrate the treated surface. Consumption is 250-350 g / m².

Water repellent transport and storage conditions:
Store in a well-ventilated place, away from direct sunlight, at temperatures from 0 to + 30 ° C in a tightly closed container. The shelf life is 24 months from the date of manufacture.

In addition to this manual, when working with the Bronya Hydrophobizator Primer, you should be guided by SNiP 3.04.01-87, as well as general instructions for carrying out construction work. If you doubt the usability of the material, you should first test it yourself or consult the manufacturer.

Security measures:
Work with goggles and gloves. Use a respirator when spraying.

The Water Repellent Coating CANNOT BE FREEZED!