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Bronya thermal insulation is composed of 80% microspheres; respectively, only 20% of the binding agent can conduct heat due to its thermal conductivity. Another part of the heat transfer depends on convection and radiation, and because microspheres contain rarefied air (the best insulator after a vacuum), the heat loss is minimal. In addition, due to its structure, the material has a low heat transfer from the surface, which plays a decisive role in its thermal properties.

To apply a layer of 1 mm, the consumption is 1 liter per 1 m².  Obtain more detailed information on how much Bronya material you need by filling out the Thermal Engineering Calculation Form.

Bronya materials are water-based; therefore, only water with no impurities can be used as a solvent. Distilled water meets this requirement best. Plain water contains a large amount of chlorine and various alkaline compounds, which in turn can significantly reduce the properties of the material.

Compared with all similar known manufacturers of thermal insulation coatings, Bronya mainly differs in:

  • Its confirmed thermophysical characteristics (“thermal conductivity 0.001”) –  accredited by authoritative laboratories and for specific values ​​prescribed under the most reliable certificates of Russia: Technical Certificate of the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation, VNIIZhT (Russian Railways), maritime register;
  • Dozens of certificate and tolerance tests performed on all the declared parameters;
  • Its unique modifications of liquid thermal insulators which have no equivalents worldwide:
    • Noncombustible for modifications with identical thermal properties and NG, “Winter” certification (high-tech and simple application to a temperature of -30 ° C) and its anti-condensation properties when applied directly to a wet surface
  • Its budget and ultra-budget friendly pricing (compared to other products on the market)

But perhaps the most important advantage of Bronya thermal insulators is its estimated total cost (material + labour) in relation to the energy savings,  ranging from 20% (pipelines) to 40% (facades) to 150% (tanks) – and that’s just the cost price without the obvious advantages stated above.

Once the “Bronya” modification product is applied, if necessary, it can be covered with acrylic paint with an aqueous dispersion; wallpaper is allowed

The application of Bronya liquid thermal insulation does not incur additional costs, you simply need to dust, degrease and prime the surfaces.

It is important to read the instructions carefully before using the coating product. Pay special attention to the thickness of each layer to be applied, the mixing process of the material (maximum of 150 turns), as well as the storage conditions.

“Bronya” thermal insulation materials are safe for human health and the environment; before applying them, users must follow the simple rules specified in the product instructions.

The lifespan of the product is 15 years.

You must use the product within 12 months of purchase.

Samples of Bronya liquid thermal insulation products are provided free of charge. You only pay for shipping costs. In order to receive a free sample of Bronya liquid thermal insulation, you must send a request to our address indicating your exact delivery address, as well as your contact details (full name and telephone number).