Heat Recovery

Heat recovery is needed more than ever to reduce the energy consumption of commercial and institutional buildings. The more energy recovery is increased in the production of heat and cold, the less energy is consumed. For new and used buildings, the use of products, such as our Bronya products, would gain more from being exploited. The same goes for institutional buildings.  

Numerous demonstrations encountered during our research in countries that use our products have proven the relevance of investing in heat recovery as an effective means of reducing costs linked to energy consumption. In many cases many older pieces of equipment are made more efficient by simply adding a few millimeters of our star product – the Classic. The difference in being able to recover 30% of the cost related to energy consumption in summer and winter has made, in many cases, a huge difference. In other cases, equipment thought to be outdated did not have to be changed, as a result of the use of our liquid insulation products. A simple application of our liquid insulation has extended the life of older equipment that was made more solidly than the new one, which was more efficient but much more expensive when acquired. 

 This old equipment, of good manufacturing quality, only needs an application of insulation to perform at the height of the new equipment. Existing buildings cannot be upgraded by replacing equipment one for one because they are believed to be outdated. It would be a good missed chance to improve their performance from a sustainable perspective.  

The challenge is not only to reduce the energy bill, but also to reduce the consumption of the source, while at the same time reducing the impact on the environment and on the planet. 

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Jacques Loranger