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Bronya Coatings : An Innovative and Eco-Responsible Solution

Bronya coatings: an innovative and eco-responsible solution

The mission of Bronya Coatings is to preserve energy and the environment in a sustainable manner by using a coating solution at the cutting edge of technology in order to reduce the waste that current coatings emit. The results: better energy efficiency, lower energy costs, reduced carbon footprint, improved building envelopes, and much more …

Bronya Coatings Canada specializes in the importing of innovative coating products. The founding principle of this company is to preserve energy and the environment in a sustainable way, using a state-of-the-art coating solution. We use nanotechnology, which makes it possible to optimize and better control temperatures and which results in substantial savings in energy costs. Our products have the ability to reduce the convective heat transfer coefficient. These types of products are little known in Canada, yet they are widely used in other countries. By raising awareness of these products, our objective is to help our customers better understand this technology, with the goal of standardizing it.

We are proposing a substitute for current exterior siding and insulation.

Our approach offers a solution that overcomes certain irritants in the construction industry and brings interesting results. Current irritants include the high costs of commonly-used coatings, the waste they produce and the complexity of applying these products. Our solution is simple:  A paint that acts as a thermal barrier. By incorporating ceramic nanotechnology into the paint, we bring various benefits such as reducing waste, reducing energy costs, optimizing the energy efficiency of businesses and more.


Innovative and Revolutionary Products

Bronya products are unique liquid coatings and liquid ceramic thermal insulation materials that successfully compete with global and local brands. They represent an exclusive line of ultra-thin thermal insulators that provide an unprecedented value for your money. Easy to use with low labor costs, our products act as a climate shield.  In addition to their cost-effectiveness, our products produce no waste and are therefore very environmentally-friendly.  Bronya Coatings provide an ideal solution, compliant with the implementation of the Quebec provincial government’s new 27.9% energy-reduction standard “Transition Énergie Québec”.

The methods currently used in insulation produce a lot of waste. The remaining insulating mineral wools and the various polystyrene products end up in garbage cans, polluting our environment. Our liquid insulation coatings produce no waste.


Endless application possibilities…

In addition to its simple application on any surface*, the strength of the Bronya range of coatings lies in the added value of at least 30% energy saving they provide while respecting the environment. The founding principle of our company is to conserve energy and the environment in a sustainable way with our state-of-the-art coating solution. Bronya uses nanotechnology, which makes it possible to optimize and better control the temperature and which results in savings in energy costs. Our parent company is very present for its distributors around the world; it shares a multitude of tools that allow its partner companies to have a sound starting point. Substitutes for current coatings are scarce and nanotechnologies have a significant impact. Bronya Canada Coatings are prepared to offer a product that will reduce energy costs for businesses.

* Our liquid thermal insulation products can be applied to almost any surface


Our products are the results of meticulous research…

Distributed worldwide, Bronya products are unique liquid coatings and liquid ceramic thermal insulation materials that successfully compete with global and local brands. Unprecedented in terms of value for your money, they are an exclusive line that consist of a modification of ultra-thin thermal insulators. Easy to use with low labor costs, our products act as a climate shield.

Consult the research to better understand the uniqueness of our technology.

Science & Bronya

Together with scientists from Volgograd State Technical University (Department of Chemistry and Technology of Elastomer Processing), Volgograd State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Department of Architecture) , our production conducts research work related to the improvement of recipes and technologies, the development of new modifications and a detailed analysis of the quality of materials … Scientific advisers – doctors and candidates of technical sciences, professors.

We are actively working on the development of new materials and systems to better solve problems. One of the core areas of scientific activity is the analysis of liquid ceramic heat-insulating coatings of the “BRONYA” series under different conditions to identify the characteristics of their work, as well as to find ways to improve the current composition of components.


In 2012, we received the conclusion of the Volgograd State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering with confirmation of ALL declared thermophysical characteristics, including the coefficient of thermal conductivity.

We also regularly test our hardware (test list). You can ask us for protocols and test reports with the characteristics that interest you.

It will not be superfluous to note that our scientific activity began with the development of the principles of the material. In more detail on how and on what principles ARMOR works:

For starters, there are three ways to transfer heat:

1. Thermal conductivity – the transfer of heat in a solid due to the kinetic energy of molecules and atoms from a more heated part to a less heated part of the body.

2. Convection – the transfer of heat in liquids, gases, free-flowing fluids by the fluxes of the substance itself.

3. Radiant heat exchange (thermal radiation) – electromagnetic radiation emitted by a substance from its internal energy.

Thermodynamics is a science that studies the laws of mutual transformation and transfer of energy. The result of these processes is a temperature equilibrium throughout the system.

The method and effectiveness by which the insulating material blocks the redistribution of heat, ie the thermal equilibrium process, determines the quality of the insulation.

Heat transfer is heat transfer by convection or radiation between the surface of a solid and the surroundings. The intensity of this heat transfer is characterized by the heat transfer coefficient.

BRONYA liquid ceramic thermal insulation material is a complex multi-level structure in which the three methods of heat transfer are minimized.

A ceramic thermal insulator consists of 80% microspheres, respectively, only 20% of the binder can conduct heat due to its thermal conductivity. Another part of the heat falls on convection and radiation, and since the microsphere contains rarefied air (the best insulator, after vacuum), the heat loss is not great. In addition, due to its structure, the material exhibits low heat transfer from the surface, which plays a key role in its thermal physics.

Thus, it is necessary to separate two terms: insulation and heat insulator, since the physics of the heat transfer process is different in these materials:

  • Insulation – the principle of operation is based on the thermal conductivity of the material (min plate)
  • Thermal insulation – mainly in the physics of waves.

The effectiveness of insulation directly depends on the thickness: the thicker the insulating layer, the better.

The thickness of the thermal insulation layer of BRONYA ultra-thin thermal insulation varies from 1 to 6 mm, the further increase has practically no effect on its effectiveness.


Discover how to use our products!

Our innovative coating products are  groundbreakers on the environmental, energy, fire-retardant, waterproof, insulating and elasticity levels. With no joints, our formulas protect against leaks, resist temperature changes, prevent condensation, reflect 80% of the visible spectrum of solar and infrared radiation, have great adhesive strength,  and are very fire-resistant.  Bronya Coating products offer a lower operating cost than other thermal insulators. For more information on how to use our products, see our  Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) section.

Thermal Insulation Coatings

The coating is sold ready to be applied on any surface and used as a thermal insulation coating. Bronya coating products should be stored at a temperature above 0 ° C.

IMPORTANT:  To respect the environment, please do not discard excess products into  water drains.

Please read the following instructions to prepare the anti-condensation coating: Before mixing, the “Component B” must be stirred and completely poured into the original packaging which contains “Component A”.  The material can then be mixed mechanically or by hand.

IMPORTANT: This mixture of the two components is an important step: Please follow the instructions!

Flame-Retardant Coatings

Our fire-retardant coating is ready to use and can improve the fire resistance of the substrate. The surface on which the composition is applied must be clean and degreased. For the application of the material to large areas in a production environment, it is recommended to use an airless paint gun.

Deep Penetration Primers

The coating comes ready to be applied and used as a thermal insulation coating. It is necessary to shake it carefully according to the instructions. The surface on which it is applied must be pure, free of grease, rust or dust.

Liquid Waterproofing Coatings

The coating comes ready to be applied and used as a thermal insulation coating. Immediately before using it, the product should be shaken thoroughly as recommended. The surface on which the composition is applied should be pure, free of grease,  rust or dust.

Water-Repellent Coatings

The coating comes ready to be applied and used as a waterproof coating. Before applying it to your surface, existing cracks must be filled. The water-repellent coating is applied to the clean and dry surface with a brush, spray or roller until it ceases to be absorbed into the material that is being coated.


Who are our products for?

We segment our clients into groups according to their needs. Our product offers many advantages to both parties, but mainly to professionals when it comes to the technical aspect of our products. They require some understanding (nanotechnology) and at the application level it is a bit more complex than just painting. We want to ensure product compliance and standardization.

Contruction Professionals

For insulation and protection of building envelopes, pipelines, etc.

Property Managers

For cost-effective problem-solving (waterproofing, mold, etc.)

Energy Saving Specialists

For significant energy savings for applications on all surfaces.

Trailer and Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers

For cost-effective insulation solutions, space savings, elasticity,  a simple and inexpensive insulation product

Food Distribution and Transport Companies

Refrigeration is a very important aspect in the delivery of food. Our product line helps to minimize the costs associated with maintaining temperatures in transport vehicles.

Insulation for trucks, boats, tanks and containers

Not only for their insulation qualities, but also for their protection against corrosion, condensation, and protection against fire and sunlight.

Reduction of significant heat loss

Industrial equipment such as furnaces, air exchangers, freezers, ventilation systems, boilers, other equipment.